Linda G. Thompson

Linda G. Thompson was born Linda Übelherr and was all German. She debuted in 1964 as Gigi with a 45T single called “Dann Ging Das Telefon”.  She started singing in Die Cornely Singers in the late 60s later re-titled Love Generation in 1969 and The Les Humphries Singers during 1973-74. In between she was a member of the John West Band and released a duet single als Girlfirends (with Birgit Laury), a German version of “El Condor Pasa…(Ich Mochte Gern…)” in 1970. With German lyrics by Michael Kunze and produced by Ralph Siegel. And a duet single with Keith Forsey as You And Me a German version of “Rock The Boat (Nimm Dass Boot)”.

She signed to Ralph Siegel’s Jupiter Records in 1975 where Siegel suggested Linda G. Thompson as her artist name.

Before she ever got to record anything, she was offered a place in the line-up of Silver Convention whose first album had been recorded with various Munich session singers but didn’t have any actual line-up.

As “Save Me” and “Fly, Robin, Fly” (which later reached a Grammy Award in 1975) were taking off all over Europe,

Linda and her two Silver colleagues Jackie Carter who was very shortly replaced by Penny McLean and Ramona Wulf quickly found themselves in huge demand on TV-shows where they lip-synced the songs.  The producers Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze wanted to prove that they could actually sing and released a solo single with each of them towards the end of 1975. While Penny McLean was easily the most successfull with “Lady Bump”, Linda enjoyed a hit with her “Ooh What A Night” (which reached the top 10 charts in Australia) single before the girls stepped into the studio to record Silver Convention’s second – but the girls’ first – album “Get Up And Boogie” from which the title track gave them another huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic, but just few months later, Linda left Silver Convention after disagreements with Levay & Kunze.

Still signed to Jupiter Records, she released several singles over the next years, including two duets with Jerry Rix of which they performed “Wochenende” in the German pre-selection for Eurovision, finishing 11th out of 12 songs.

By 1980, she signed to Ariola and released two more singles, but she finally achieved success when she joined the girl group The Hornettes with Gitta Walther & Lucy Neale (who were among the original vocalists on Silver Convention’s first album) and Christina Harrison. They had a hit with “Mannequin” from the German pre-selection for Eurovision 1981, 2 years later they tried again in the Austrian pre-selection and the group remained a popular live act over the years, performed until 1995.

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