Lilly Becker

Lilly Becker (born June 25, 1976 in Rotterdam as Sharlely Kerssenberg) is a Dutch model and wife of former tennis star Boris Becker. Her father was Swiss, her mother came from Surinam and died in 1979 with an autounfall, when Sharlely Kerssenberg was three years old. She grew up with her sister first with the grandparents, later with her uncle and her aunt in Amsterdam. Initially, she worked as a croupier in various casinos in London and Tel Aviv.

An Italian modelscout rejected her application in 1992. In 1999 she moved to Miami Beach, where she initially worked as a bartender. In 2003, she met the US American media entrepreneur and lawyer Michael R. Bermann, with whom she was married from 2003 to 2008. Kerssenberg, now working as a photographer, met Boris Becker during the separation phase of her marriage when he and his son Elias Becker held a birthday celebration for a sixth birthday at a pizza restaurant in Miami Beach on September 4.

The Dutch model lived there in the apartment house “Murano Grande”, where Becker also lived for one year. When the newspaper “Bild” in December 2005 learned of the beginning liaison, a misunderstanding led to her today’s nickname “Lilly”.

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