Kathy Herrmann

Kathy Herrmann is a Rhenish fervor and a champion in many different disciplines. Although she has been living in Zurich for more than five years, the Rhenish humor has not yet passed. But no matter where Kathy is staying, she does not like to be stuck at all!
Her father is passionate and confident rock, n ‘scooter, and has given her his wildness, musical hearing, and vocal expressiveness.
The outer qualities, the sometimes black humor and not least the temperament originate indisputably from her mother.

Kathy preferred acting and moderating. She was seen several years ago with Viva and sixx in the show “fashion trix” and recently (2016-2017) as a presenter and co-producer in the TV format “freakish tv” at MTV! As a model, one could see Kathy among others in the Vogue, in Men’s Health and in Elements New York. In 2017 the young brunette again expects exciting projects and is looking forward to meeting many people again.

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