Giovanni Zarrella

Giovanni Zarrella (born March 4, 1978 in Hechingen) is a German-Italian musician and television observer. He became famous in 2001 as a singer of the band Bro’Sis. Giovanni Zarrella was born on 4 March 1978 as the first child of Clementina and Bruno Zarrella in Hechingen. Like his sister Maria and his brother Stefano, Zarrella grew bilingual. Already at a young age he took piano and organ lessons, with 15 singing lessons.

In the early 1990s he lived with his family in Italy. Since then, he has also been a citizen of Italy, in addition to German. At the age of 16, he founded his first band Brotherhood. In 1995, he successfully completed his secondary maturity at the Realschule Hechingen. After the acquisition of the Fachhochschulreife, an apprenticeship as IT-Systemkaufmann took place. Zarrella then switched to Hugo Boss.

On 10 October 2001, Zarrella, together with 1,702 other applicants, took part in a casting for the show “Popstars” in Stuttgart. With How Deep Is Your Love from the Bee Gees, he was able to convince the jury. In the re-call, he was successful with Usher’s me-and-forget-me-to-be-re-call with Way to Mars from Somersault & Xavier Naidoo. At the “Airport Show” in Düsseldorf, the candidates had to undergo a dance training at Detlef Soost and then a vocal training at Vocalcoach Artemis Gounaki before deciding who was allowed to participate in the two-week workshop in Ibiza.

At the end of the workshop, there were three female and five male candidates left for the loft in Munich. In a special broadcast on November 11, 2001, Zarrella was the last to be selected by the jury members Soost and Christensen in the band Bro’Sis, which in 2006, however, dissolved again.

Together with the former pop-star candidates Inan Lima and Tom Marks, Giovanni Zarrella founded the Trio Vintage Vegas in 2013, which presents current pop songs in a swing robe. The first album of the band Let’s Swop was released in November 2014. Immediately after the debut album was released, Vintage Vegas went on stage with the Holiday-on-Ice-Show Passion as a star guest on a German tour of 13 cities with 114 performances The tour a golden record for over 10,000 sold tour albums. In 2015, Vintage Vegas were once again seen in December, from 2015 to March 2016, in eight cities in the musical show Passion of Holiday on Ice.

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