Cindy Berger

Here bourgeois name hardly knows no one. Cindy Berger is known as Jutta Gusenburger (born 26 January 1948 in Völklingen / Saarland). Her name is inextricably linked to Germany’s most successful Schlagerduo of the seventies: Cindy & Bert. And with titles such as “Always Sundays”, “Spain’s Guitars” and “When the Roses blossom in Malaga”.

The duo had less success with the Eurovision Song Contest, in which the couple participated several times and only finished in the back. This did not detract from the popularity of the audience.

Cindy Berger started a solo career in 1988 after the separation from Bertberger and recorded several CDs, most recently the 2007 album “Zeitlos”. She also sang a much-respected duet with Roger Whittaker “Stay with me today.” Since the mid-nineties, Cindy & Bert have also appeared together, for example, at the Deutsche Schlager Festival in 1997, where they reached the 7th place with “Ich habe die Rose geeseh’n”.


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