Charlotte Perrelli

Charlotte Perrelli (born A nna Jenny Charlotte Nilsson, 7 October 1974) is a Swedish singer and occasional television host. She was the winner of the 1999 Melodifestivalen and subsequently that year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song ” Take me to your Heaven”.”Since then she has released seven albums and multiple singles. Perrelli once again wonMelodifestivalen 2008 and represented Sweden in theEurovision Song Contest 2008 with her song “Hero”.She is one of Sweden’s most popular female singers, often performing at Sweden’s top shows. Throughout her career, she has worked with different types of music, ranging from dansband and schlager, via modern pop, to soulful ballads and jazz melodies. After winning that year’s national Melodifestivalen, Perrelli went to Jerusalem to compete as the Swedish representative for the 1999Eurovision Song Contest on 29 May with her song “Take me to your Heaven” She won the contest with 163 points, making her the fourth Swedish representative to win the competition since Carola Häggkvist’s victory in 1991, the Herreys brothers’ in 1984 and ABBA’s in 1974. Following her Eurovision success, she toured Europe and the Middle East, promoting her winning song. On 15 March 2008, Perrelli performed at the Stockholm Globe Arena and won Melodifestivalen 2008 again with her song “Hero”,which topped the charts in Sweden for several weeks and became the most sold single of 2008 for a Swedish artist. She went on to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia, where she advanced to the finals. Preparing for Eurovision, she went out on a big tour, performing at popular TV shows in 17 nations, in order to promote the song. Despite being one of the favourites to win Eurovision, it finished 18th out of 25 entries in the final, with 47 points in total.

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